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Today, the biggest whales and the sharpest sharks — almost exclusively use artificial intelligence and complex algorithmic bots to trade. 


Why aren’t you?


Hedge funds and institutional investors have poured millions of dollars into bots and algos over the last decade for one simple reason: They work. 


These people don’t fool around. And they never risk their reputations — or the millions and even billions they manage — on something fly-by-night. 


It’s a simple fact. Sad and beautiful at the same time. 


Humans cannot compete with robots.  An AI-enhanced trading bot can parse through billions of data points and make a sophisticated, risk savvy trade 60,000 times before a human can even take a sip of coffee.  


So who do you think will win this war? 


Because that’s what trading is: War.  Every trade just like every battle in war has a winner and a loser. 


Hedge funds with the cutting edge AI bots are crushing it. Retail traders trying to keep up are getting crushed. That’s because this huge trading advantage offered by AI wasn’t available to retail crypto traders.


Until now.


Crypto.IQ has spent the last three years developing its AI-based trading platform that harnesses the power of AI for the average investor. 


Introducing Tradecraft-AI.


The most sophisticated trading advantage available to non-accredited active traders. 


Nothing beats a computer for analysis, not even the best human trader. 


Tradecraft-AI considers vast amounts of data in seconds and delivers the best possible trade at a given time in a given market. 


And it works for you 24 hours a day. 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  It doesn’t sleep. Or eat. Or get distracted, or tired or hungry or sad or have a fight with its girlfriend….


It just seeks high-value setups and trades.  Tradecraft-AI is the pinnacle of trading evolution, a perfect evolutionary trading machine.   


An apex predator analyzing billions of data points — price, volume, money supply, news, weather, fund flow and every conceivable chart setup — and selects the trades with the highest probability of producing a return.


And it only improves with time as machine learning teaches the software what’s working in a never ending effort to produce winning trades.


Even better, Tradecraft-AI marries artificial intelligence to its automated trading platform, leaving you to live your life. Set it up according to your appetite for risk, and walk away.

Our Members Say...

Thanks @CIQ… made more in this trade than I made at my day job today. 👍☺ 😎

Art Gadomski

I've never had a trade go this well, so I'm crossing every T, thanks for your patience. 👊👊

Travis Shallow

For sure! And for real, this is a super high vibe and professional chat group here, so props to you for moderating and leading the way. I'm sure you also know what most social media groups are like, so it's great to have a shining exception here. 

John Tittman

Hey man, just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your hard work. I am constantly amazed at the calls. I’ve been learning so much.I started with a small amount but have seen some amazing growth so far. I’ve easily had 40% gains over the last 2 weeks that I’ve been actively following the AI algorithm's calls.
Thanks again and looking forward to more action.

Nick K.

Damn!!!! ETH trade!!!! Woke up and saw it. Was like, what???? 🚀🚀

Chris L.

I owe my first profitable short to Tradecraft-AI. 👏 

Daniel Stewart

Along with giving entries and exits, Tradecraft-AI teaches you to find your own entries and manage risk, giving you the confidence to make your own trades.



Mike M.

I really do thank you for the time you have spent helping me learn… I look at this and realize I had zero risk management skills and was basically gambling, but over the last year or so, I’ve been able to consistently stack gains despite my losses, and it’s an amazing feeling!

Overcooked Panda

The Key to Successful Trading is Capital Preservation 

If you meet a trader who tells you they never lose, run, don’t walk, the other way. The secret to mitigating loss is identifying non-optimal trades early and keeping losses to an absolute minimum. 


That’s why coded into Tradecraft-AI are algorithms that lock in profits early and cut losses as soon as they become apparent.


Tradecraft-AI takes advantage of trending markets but also aggressively preserves capital. Our algorithms have gone through the crypto market crucible and proven a match for the challenge of not only preserving capital but growing it. 


That means Tradecraft-AI thrives under adverse conditions and explodes when markets are moving in our favor. 

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Take the Emotion Out of Trading


Top traders take different roads to success, but they all agree on one thing: Emotion has no place in trading.


The only way to entirely remove emotion from trading is to remove humans. 


That’s exactly what Crypto.IQ has done with its groundbreaking artificial intelligence-led trading platform Tradecraft-AI.


Like leading hedge funds and institutional traders who work for whale traders, Crypto.IQ is moving to artificial intelligence.


Join Hundreds of Traders Who Have Economic Freedom and 10X'd Their Crypto Knowledge


These are unprecedented times.


The Covid pandemic has been a near-death sentence for the global economy, and it’s not the only big threat facing the peace and security of people around the world.


We must also overcome:

  • Massive Fiat Printing from the Federal Reserve

  • Trillions in Bailout and Debt Spending

  • Tanking oil prices

  • Fragile markets ready to plunge on the slightest bad news

We've got a hopelessly fractured electorate. Add massive unemployment and the Fed's unlimited printing spree, and we’re staring down the barrel at hyperinflation and rising social unrest right here in the United States.


The only way to protect your wealth is to own Bitcoin and real assets: gold, silver, real estate.


Go BEYOND just protecting your wealth. Join the people who grow their wealth during times of disruption.


One word: crypto.
Many are calling it the biggest wealth creation event of the century.

Want in?
Discover how to grow massive, generational wealth by investing in and trading crypto with the legends.

At Charlie Shrem’s Crypto.IQ, we’re different. We are the premier Professional Live Trade Room. No one else even comes close. We’ve been helping members to trade Crypto and have traded in front of thousands of aspiring traders from across the world. Real trading in real time.

  • All our trades are planned in advance and taken live using cutting edge technology.

  • Members piggyback our trades through IQ-Tradecraft-AI > THE MOST SOPHISTICATED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE-DRIVEN TRADE EXECUTION PLATFORM IN CRYPTO. IQ's trade execution platform allows them to instantly and automatically follow and track our trades through our proprietary software, so our members can “set it and forget it” while maintaining complete control of their assets.

Crypto.IQ's Tradecraft-AI has traded crypto’s volatility to profits in excess of 100% — during a crushing bear market.

So Piggyback cutting edge technology and the OG himself with Tradecraft-AI, crypto's algorithmic trading vanguard.


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      Bitcoin pioneer, a social economist, and a digital currency trader

      Charlie Shrem is a Bitcoin pioneer, a social economist, and a digital currency trader. He is currently the host of the popular podcast Untold Stories and the subject of the bestselling book “Bitcoin Billionaires.” Charlie’s work in the cryptocurrency space is legendary.


      In 2011, at the dawn of the crypto era, he founded BitInstant, the first and largest Bitcoin company. In 2013, he was a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation and served as its vice chairman. Since then, Charlie has advised dozens of digital currency companies, launched and managed numerous partnerships between crypto and non-crypto companies, and become the go-to guy on crypto for some of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs.


      He started Crypto.IQ to create the premier cryptocurrency trading and advisory firm, providing expert research, education and advice in the world of crypto assets along with building the best performing trade desk in cryptocurrency. Charlie lives in Sarasota, Florida with his wife, Courtney, and his dog Baz.

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      • Live Market Commentary

      • Real Time Crypto Alerts

      • 24/7 Community 

      • Set it and forget it trading with IQ-Tradecraft-AI

      • Daily Crypto Digest 

      • Private Discord Chat Room w/Charlie

      • Exhaustive Crypto Knowledge Database

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